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We've all found ourselves mesmerized by a puzzle, twisted our brains looking for the answer to a riddle and seen our heroes solve mysterious crimes on TV. Here at Arctic Escape we combine all three: You and your teammates will be given a mission and locked in a room full of codes, puzzles and cryptic leads, with 60 minutes to solve them all. Your only available tools will be creative thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and hopefully you will complete the mission before the hour is up. 

Arctic Escape is perfect for a group of friends or family looking to have fun together, it's a great team building exercise for businesses and colleagues or for bachelor and bachelorette parties. No special talents or skills are required, just bring a playful mood and an open mind! Feel free to check out our FAQ for any questions. 

Do you have what it takes?


The Rooms

John Winter's Office

The shady crook John Winter is plotting to take over the entire city. Luckily, there are honest and decent people out there who can prevent this from happening, but we need your help. On behalf of special investigator Katherine we would like you to break into John Winter's office and look for evidence that may be used against him.

2-5 players

Ideal group size is 3-4


The Backroom

John Winter is quickly increasing his hold of the city. According to reliable sources, he now has politicians, judges and high ranking police officers in his pocket. All of the top dogs in John Winter's inner circle gather in his bar for a monthly high stakes poker game. We need you to get into the bar's backroom and find the names of the men sitting at the card game. 

2-6 players

Ideal group size is 4-5

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VX Snatcher

You and your team are trapped in the bloody dungeon, your mission is simple; GET OUT before the VX Snatcher returns.

Our most challenging room yet so you should have a certain amount of escape room experience before taking on this bad boy.  

3-7 players

Ideal group size is 4-5

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Opening Hours


Monday - Friday: 16.00 - 23.30

Saturday: 10.45 - 23.30

Sunday: 10.45 - 23.30


Each booking lasts approximately 90 minutes



2 players: NOK 420 per person - totalt NOK 840

3 players: NOK 380 per person - totalt NOK 1140

4 players: NOK 350 per person - totalt NOK 1400

5 players: NOK 320 per person - totalt NOK 1600

6 or more players: NOK 320 per person               

15% discount for kids under 16 y/o and students


Are you unable to visit us during opening hours? 

Please email us at and we'll try to work something out. 


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How much of a good time is this? 

One hell of a good time! The phenomenon of escape rooms has taken the world by storm in recent years, and Arctic Escape is proud to be the northernmost Escape Room in the world. For feedback from our visitors so far, check out the reviews on TripAdvisor here our Facebook page here.


Who is Arctic Escape most suitable for? Young kids? Old women? Or anyone? And do you have an age limit?

Arctic Escape is suitable for anyone who likes a challenge and wants to have fun with friends, family, colleagues or others. Our escape room does not have an age limit, but some puzzles will be difficult for the younger visitors (so we generally advise that visitors under 15 are accompanied by an adult).


Do I need any special knowledge to participate? What if my Norwegian speaking skills aren’t up to par?

No, you don’t need any special knowledge per se and your Norwegian lingual skills aren’t an issue. Arctic Escape is designed to test your creativity, ability to cooperate and ability to think «outside the box». It requires no special skills or physical abilities. The game is suitable for anyone who understands Norwegian and/or English. Our «game masters» (the leaders of the game that you can confer with as the game unfolds) speak English very well. Note: If you and your team don’t speak Norwegian or English we have had good experience with using Google Translate. So no language barrier will come between you and solving the task at hand! 


Is it possible to visit you outside the stated opening hours?

Yes, we should be able to accommodate visits from businesses or groups who are unable to visit us during opening hours. Please email us at and we'll try to work something out. 


Help! I have claustrophobia. Will this be a problem?

No, the room itself is fairly large so it should not be a problem. The game is overseen by a game master who will open the door immediately if necessary. There is also an emergency button on the inside of the door which participants can use if needed.


Will there be others playing with us? What if I don’t have any friends in Tromsø? Can I visit your escape room by myself?

The room is booked for you and your team, with a team consisting of anywhere from 2 to 7 people (we recommend teams of 3-4 people). If you can’t find someone to go with you, we suggest first and foremost that you find more cooperative and enthusiastic friends, and if you can’t, send us an email at There will occasionally be possible for us to match individual visitors with each other, if they can’t find any friends or colleagues to come with them. 


What if we get stuck on a puzzle, will we be stuck struggling until the hour runs out? 

No, that would be incredibly boring for both you and us. Our game master (the leader of the game who monitors you along the way) will provide hints and clues if he/she sees that you are stuck and need assistance with the puzzles. However, the less you ask for help, the more fun the game will be!


How do I book, and how do I pay? 

Booking is done via our website, here or send us an e-mail to You pay upon arrival by card (debit / credit) or cash. NB: No-shows or cancellations less than 24 hrs in advance will be charged in full.


Is there a limit to how many players there can be on the same team? What if I bring fewer or more people than the number I stated upon booking?

Your team can consist of 2 to 5 players in John Winter's Office, 2 to 6 players in Backroom and 3-7 players in VX Snatcher. We want the players to get the most benefit from their Escape Room experience, so we generally recommend 3-4 persons per room. It's totally okay to bring along more or fewer people than what you had booked in advance, as long as this does not exceed 5 persons in John Winter's Office, 6 persons in Backroom and 7 persons in VX Snatcher. You pay for the total number of people participating in the game, for pricing see here.


Uh oh! I already booked and something got in the way and I can’t go. What to do?

We’re happy to change or cancel any booking, as long as this is done no less than 24 hours in advance. For cancellations or rescheduling, send us an email to or call (0047) 92095555.


When do I show up? And how long does a visit to Arctic Escape last?

We urge you and your teammates to show up at the time of your booking, not sooner nor later. We will then introduce you to the game and give you a rundown of the rules, after which your team will be ushered into the room, where you have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles at hand. After the game you will have the opportunity to talk to the game master, whether you have questions about the game or if you want to provide feedback to us about your experience. All in all, a visit to us lasts approximately 90 minutes.


What to wear? Should I bring something?

All you need to bring is a playful attitude and an open mind. The game itself does not require a special outfit and is not physically strenuous, so come as you are. If you want to you can dress to fit the theme of the room (although this is far from mandatory). We are sure you’ll look fabulous either way! Oh, and remember reading glasses if you need them. 


How do I get there?

By feet, car, bus or a taxi. We are located in Grønnegata 53 on the 3rd floor, right in the center of Tromsø city. Our entrance is across the street from Mathallen, right next to the back entrance to the clothing store Høyer. The doorbell says «Arctic Escape». If you can’t manage to locate us, we doubt you would’ve solved our puzzles anyway… :)


Is there anything else I need to know?

We hope that this FAQ have provided you with all the answers you need! Also, we will give you a full introduction of the game upon arrival. If you have any further questions, feel feee to contact us via Facebook, our website or e-mail. 


Facebook page: Arctic Escape

Instagram: arcticescaperoom eller #arcticescape 

Tlf: 92095555

TripAdvisor: Arctic Escape

Address: Grønnegata 53, 3.etasje, 9008 Tromsø 


Hope to see you soon!

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We are located in Grønnegata 53 on the 3rd floor, right in the center of Tromsø city. Our entrance is across the street from Mathallen, right next to the back entrance to the clothing store Høyer. The doorbell says «Arctic Escape». 


For questions or enquires, send us a message using the form on the right or email us at


Phone: (0047) 92095555